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Pro Tips for Sliding Glass Door Repairs

Sliding Glass Door Repairs The type of door that is easy to open does not use hinges. Instead, they have tracks where they slide. A sliding glass door is a favorite feature, especially in Miami where many places have a deck or a patio. Unfortunately, some problems can arise. If you have a damaged sliding […]

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The only Experts in Miami trusts with their Commercial Glass Repair

Commercial Glass Repair For over 30 years, The Glassperts has been providing its services to the business owners of Miami-Dade County. In that time we have seen many unfortunate situations in which storefront is vandalized or destroyed. As a small business owner, having your store glass exposed can lead to so many other grievances. From […]

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Why Should You Call Us To Help you with your Glass Door Repair

Glass Door Repair by The Glassperts Window or door glasses not only help in filtering air and sunlight, but they also give our homes an elegant look that no other structure can match. Without glasses, our homes would seem like dungeons. Glasses are important as they help us control ventilation of our homes and give […]

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Why the right Company matters for Sliding Glass Door Repair

If Hurricane Irma comes calling, make sure you call the Real Glass Experts On August 16, 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida, leaving our beautiful cities in pieces. Whole neighborhoods were destroyed; Glass and debris littered the streets of Miami. Many families lost all of their belongings to the weather or theft. Calling the right […]

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