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Sliding Door Handle & Lock Repair

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    Is your sliding door opening with a lot of difficulties or is it opening halfway? Then the problem could be a bent or broken track. In some cases, dust on the sliding track can also make the door not to open. We are experienced in slide door track replacement and we will recommend the best solution. You can check for online reviews and or word of mouth from our clients in the community.

    We have proven to be the most reliable and affordable for slide door track replacement. We have one 1-year workmanship guarantee for our clients. When you have an emergency due to a broken or bent door track, call us at any time of the day and will get on-site within a few minutes.

    Why we are the best handle and lock replacement experts

    • We are licensed and insured to offer our clients handle and lock services
    • We provide free assessment and delivery of materials on site
    • International standards repair and replacement services
    • We are available 24 hours a day
    • Free selection of materials for our clients
    • Fast and easy installation

    Is your door handle or lock broken or not working properly?

    That is The Glassperts specialty and we are glad you are in the right place. Broken handles and locks pose a great threat to the security of your home. Could be a key got stuck in the lock or the key won’t open the door. We specialize in all kinds of lock and handle problems. 

    Apart from replacement services, we also supply door materials to our clients. Therefore, you can order handle and lock products from us and have them delivered at your doorstep. We help our clients to select quality materials by providing them with details of all the products in the market.  

    Other services we offer include:

    • Door roller/wheel replacement
    • Sliding door track realignment
    • Sliding glass door replacement
    • Lock and handle replacement
    • Sliding door broken glass replacement