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What to Do When Glass Breaks Inside Your Home

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    Many of us can appreciate the benefits that come from glass. It isn’t something we often think about. When we do, perhaps it has more to do with plates and cups than anything else. From mirrors in the bathroom to windows throughout the house, glass is everywhere. What it is important to remember is that glass is also very sharp, so if it breaks, there is a special type of protocol required when handling the shards.

    Handling a Glass Disaster

    Broken glass from smaller items, such as that from a small hand mirror or even a makeup compact, can still be dangerous to bare skin. Even after everything has been swept up, there is still a chance that minute fragments could remain. It is easy to lose track of the pieces in between cracks or when it hits the ground, how far the larger pieces could scatter. It is pretty much impossible to keep an eye out on every little piece, so the cleanup process can make a huge difference in everyone’s safety.

    The first step should always be checking to make sure everyone is okay. If the glass has broken, there are now razor-sharp pieces all along the ground. It can be worse if it breaks over the carpet since it might be harder to discover all of the shards. Some suggest nobody moves until the glass is cleaned up to prevent bare feet from making contact with the broken bits. If people are wearing shoes, it may be okay to relocate them to a safe area until the mess is disposed of properly.

    If there isn’t a broom available, it is still possible to clean up the glass effectively. Put on safety gloves and shoes if you aren’t already wearing them. Once the gloves are on, then you can pick up the larger pieces of glass and dispose of them properly. The best way to get rid of glass is to use a high-powered vacuum to suck up the minute fragments. The bag should be thrown away after to prevent further damage or possible injury.

    Depending on the glass type, some recommend using a slice of soft bread to scoop any remaining pieces. Others swear by a damp microfiber cloth to wipe up any glass you may have overlooked. Having a glass break in your house can be an inconvenience, but with proper care is easily managed.

    If a window has been broken and you need a replacement, there are excellent options available by specialists who understand the care required when working with glass. For more information, check out our website and we will do what we can to help you to restore the issue.