Why Impact Windows are the Best Option in Florida

Why Impact Windows are the Best Option in Florida

Florida is a beautiful place to work and live. The beautiful weather, amazing scenery, and refreshing ocean breeze are all reasons to own a home or business in the Sunshine State. While the weather can be a huge positive to living in Florida, there is always the risk of potentially dangerous storms and wind.

There are many ways to protect your home from the Florida weather. Counting with The Glassperts to install impact glass windows can protect your home or business while offering several positives listed below.

Protection from Hurricanes

While living in Florida has many advantages, there is always the risk of your home or business being in the path of a hurricane. Florida averages two hits from hurricanes every single year. Installing impact glass windows on your home or business can help protect you and your loved ones from the damages caused by these dangerous storms.

A concern for many people preparing for hurricanes is the risk of broken windows and shattered glass. With normal windows, the wind damage can cause the glass to shatter and spread the shards through the building, causing potential harm to you and especially small children and pets.

In addition to preventing tons of small glass shards, impact glass windows can help prevent large objects such as tree limbs from crashing through your windows from the wind. Without the worry of broken windows, you also will not need to worry about rain and water coming in through them causing any further damage.

No More Need for Shutters

With the danger of hurricanes hitting Florida multiple times a year, there will be no more need to put up hurricane shutters on your windows again and again. As soon as you call The Glassperts and have them install your new impact glass windows, you will be protected immediately.

Save Money on Insurance

Outfitting your home or business with impact glass windows lowers your risk for potentially expensive repairs. Taking the precaution of installing impact glass can also mean lower premiums or discounts on your homeowners or business insurance. With lower insurance bills, impact windows can pay for themselves over their lifespan.

Reduced Energy Costs

The weather in Florida can fluctuate wildly throughout the year. While during the winter the weather can be cool and beautiful, the temperature and humidity can rise quite high throughout the rest of the year. During these hot and humid days, air conditioning can provide relief at the same time increasing your energy bill three times higher than normal. Installing impact glass windows can help cool your building and lower energy costs. The windows allow less solar heat into your home, making it easier for your air conditioning to keep the temperature low.

Lower Outdoor Noise Pollution

Impact glass windows are also great at keeping out unwanted noise pollution. These windows feature polyvinyl membranes between the sheets of glass that are good at absorbing sound waves and preventing annoying and unwanted noise from entering the building.

Even if you live inland, in a large city without the high level of risk caused by the weather in the coastal regions, impact windows will help you enjoy your home without being annoyed by noisy neighbors.

Home Security

A feature of installing impact glass windows is added home security. Many thieves enter homes by an unlocked door or through a window. Since impact glass windows are constructed with several layers of shatter-resistant material, it is harder for burglars to break through them and enter your home.

No matter what part of Florida you live in, installing impact glass windows can be positive in many ways. Whether you are concerned about the damage from hurricanes, home security, energy bills, or any other reasons listed above, calling The Glassperts and upgrading your windows can save you time, money, and prevent property damage.