Window Replacement and Board Up Service in Miami when Facing Oncoming Storms

Window Replacement

Window Replacement Options when Facing Oncoming Storms

Hurricane season is nothing new to Floridians, and neither is the necessity for a good board up service in Miami. Windows are a vulnerable aspect of the building envelope. Since approaching storms give advance notice of their arrival, window replacement in Miami may be minimized when action can be taken before a storm hits land. Once a window is compromised, whether cracked, broken, or shattered, emergency replacement may have to wait a day or longer leaving the property exposed to further damage or destruction. Having an emergency board up service like The Glassperts provides one way to protect property while waiting for window repair or replacement.

Let’s Look at Some Theories About Storm Damage Mitigation

You have a lot to think about as hurricane season arrives.

– Much is made of the susceptibility of only those windows that face the water. However, the cyclonic action of a tropical storm that makes it spin and rotate means every window pane is susceptible to damage caused by the debris that gets whipped up and thrown around with great force.

– Another misconception with respect to protecting windows in a storm is the one about leaving a window slightly open to stabilize the pressure. All this will accomplish is to draw those dangerous winds inside the building possibly creating more pressure against the interior and threatening the entire infrastructure.

– Next, there is the idea that taping up the windows will keep them from breaking. This is a measure that typically results in a window breaking into larger pieces rather than many tiny shards of glass. What is worse: A large chunk of glass with sharp edges or tiny shattered pieces? Neither is good, but the risk of physical injury or property damage is greatly increased from bigger pieces of glass flying around.

– Then, there is the belief that using the strength of your body to support a window will somehow keep it from breaking in a storm. This is nothing more than volunteering for serious injury. The force of the wind in a storm is no joke and nothing to be trifled with. If you are inside a building during a storm, you should do your best to stay away from the windows.

As a Florida resident, you have been through these storms. If you are new to the region, take heed of the fact that you are better off when you do not underestimate hurricane-force winds. For the safety of occupants, to protect the property and contents within the building, there are few alternatives that make more sense than relying on a good board up service in Miami like The Glassperts. If you are dealing with windows that have broken, you are facing another set of problems that make boarding up the voids even more critical. Read on to see what we mean.

What to Do While Waiting for Window Replacement in Miami

Let’s face it: Broken windows leave a property owner vulnerable to existing and further damage due to the security breach. Whether the result of natural disaster, vandalism due to vacancy, or simple human error, if your window replacement cannot be accomplished in a timely manner, you are left quite exposed. Board up service in Miami is the next best solution until you can finally get those broken panes replaced.

Protecting Your Property from the Dangers of Exposure

You wouldn’t leave your windows open when you leave your property. Similarly, you should board up windows that have broken if your replacement is delayed. Exposure to the elements leaves your property susceptible to moisture, whether from the humidity or water from rain that can lead to mold in a matter of days. Broken windows invite vandalism if the property is not occupied. Further, your insurance is more likely to pay for the claim when you have performed your due diligence and boarded up the voids. The Glassperts perform both boards up service and window replacement in Miami on an emergency basis.

In addition to the reasons already given, you also achieve the all-important peace of mind when you can get your broken windows boarded up. Whether the damage is the result of a storm, the neighborhood ball game, an errant landscaper, a thief in the night, or a first-responder attempting to gain access in the event of a fire, know that you have options to protect your property before any further damage is done.